Countergram LLC creates web sites, applications, and content. Original ideas and execution make these products distinctive.

Hi! I'm Jason Stitt, owner of Countergram. I develop with PHP, Python, JavaScript, WordPress, Django, and other technologies, write content, and experiment with new technologies (web and otherwise) to see what I can use in new creations.


Countergram LLC is working on web & mobile applications for future release, serving specific interest categories in novel ways.


Open Source

I've used quite a lot of open-source code, so I like to distribute some as well. These are tools and libraries that may be of use to programmers. Most of them are in Python and web-related, including HTML validation & Google App Engine.

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Technical Articles

Also of interest to programmers and web developers, this regularly updated series of articles covers topics including Python programming, optimization, system administration, popular server applications, and more.

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